While You Were Having A Manic Monday


    rod the bod.jpg

  • Josh Hartnett doesn’t want girlfriend Scarlett Johansson hanging out with Wilmer Valderrama. He also doesn’t want her watching Yo Mamma, but for different reasons.
  • Nicole Richie is rumored to be dating 53-year-old Jeff Goldblum. And suddenly The Fly becomes the second creepiest thing he’s ever done.
  • Mickey Rourke cut off his own finger because he “didn’t want it.” Ironically, thats the same thing Hollywood said when they cut off Mickey Rourke.
  • K-Fed is reportedly in talks with Britney’s label, Jive records. I’m assuming they need a janitor or something.
  • Rod Stewart’s fiance says she cried for three weeks straight after giving birth to their baby son. Which makes sense, because she probably cried during conception too.