SIZZLER: ‘Real World’ Troubles


RWpaula2.jpgIf you want to kill massive amounts of brain cells and don’t have any paint thinner or airplane glue handy for huffing, a nifty trick is tuning in to The Real World on MTV. The ‘Key West’ incarnation of TV’s original “reality show” produces the same brain-numbing effect without the unpleasant odor of chemical substances – I know from experience. In the two episodes I was required to watch this season, the only thing that made be feel anything other than outright loathing for the incomprehensible stupidity of everyone involved was the soul-crushing human tragedy known as Paula Ann Meronek. A Real World producer’s wet dream, Paula Ann brought sorority girl hotness to the house, along with both a serious eating disorder and an abusive boyfriend that she insisted “still really does love her”. Exemplified by the episode in which said boyfriend “says he’s sorry” for hitting her by sending a care package of Cristal champagne, watching her brainless brand of self destruction would have been hilarious if it wasn’t so completely depressing. Anyway, I guess the bubbly buzz has worn off because yesterday Paula was arrested and charged with assault after biting her boyfriend during another domestic dispute. Hopefully he’ll arrive at county lock-up with caviar and a bottle of Dom – otherwise, this relationship could be in “real” trouble.

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