While You Were Arguing Over Computers



  • Jackie Chan disrupted a concert in Taiwan on Monday, drunkenly jumping onstage and demanding to sing a duet with the performer. Hollywood movie bosses are already planning to turn this display into Chan’s next film, tenatively titled The Legend of Drunken Disaster.
  • Some girl went a little too wild on Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis, punching him in the face outside a Hollywood nightclub. You know, it’s terrible to see such bad things happen to such good people.
  • Lindsay Lohan is the latest spokesperson for acne medication Proactiv. Because your skin should always be clear, even if your conscience can’t be.
  • Young Hollywood stars definitely prove that, even when you’re famous, if you’ve been getting wasted for hours on end and no longer have any sense of space or time, Taco Bell tastes awesome.
  • Speaking of Nachos Bell Grande, is Greek Shipping Heir Starving Nachos pulling his ship back into the port of Paris?
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