ICYMI: Total Request Snakes (on a Plane)


Okay, let’s say you’re on an airplane – a commercial jetliner like the ones you’ve probably flown your entire life. And let’s just say that somehow, for some reason, someone elected to put a whole bunch of deadly snakes on this plane with you and said snakes managed to get loose, thereby posing a terrifying and lethal threat to you and your fellow passengers. And now let us imagine that Samuel L. Jackson also happens to be aboard this plane, and that he is the only passenger who can possibly save you from those motherf*cking snakes. And suppose all this hypothetical intrigue is being filmed for use in a summer Hollywood movie unsubtly titled, Snakes on a Plane. Well, if this were all to actually happen, the one thing you would really need is a corresponding music video from a band who just happens to be named after a deadly snake, as well as some sort of aircraft (say…Cobra Starship, for example). And the song in that video should probably be called, “Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)”. Oh, look…

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