LISTEN UP: BWE’s Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • Scenestars serves up a few classic tracks from indie pop fuzz-freak OG-hipsters Stereolab, from their forthcoming “best of” album.
  • Stereogum says The Slip is a band to watch, which means that in about 6 minutes every blog-reading indie-kid on the planet will be doing just that – so hurry over and grab yourselves a good seat!
  • If you still haven’t discovered the sweet sounds of Bishop Allen, you’re just not listening. So stop what you’re doing, check out Indie Mix Tapes, and hear the hotness.
  • The early birds over at The Pelican’s Perch get the worm word out on the awesome new album from Regina Spektor by posting three of the latest tracks.
  • MOKB shakes up the sounds of Snowglobe, a great indie rock band from Memphis who happen to be friends of mine. Do yourselves a favor and give them a listen!
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