• UNINVITING VIEW: Shannen Doherty, who will temporarily fill Star Jones‘ vacant chair on The View, shows off a new face that isn’t exactly what I want to see in the morning. (Hot Online News)
  • “AWESOME” HUSBAND MOVE: K-Fed is planning to record a duet with his first baby momma, Shar Jackson. (The Bosh)
  • IMPRESSIVE RESUME: Johnny Depp has been engaged to five women, all of which are hotter than most women you’ll ever get to see in person. Well, almost all of which. (Us Weekly)
  • WANNABE HOMEWRECKER: Cameron Diaz had better watch her back, because Rachel Bilson might try making Justin to “Bye Bye Bye”. (Popsugar)
  • MASTURBATORY COMIC BOOK TRAILER: I don’t know that this trailer is the direction Sony wants to take their prized Spiderman franchise into, especially after the lukewarm reaction to “Gay Superman”. (Junkiness, slightly NSFW)
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