SIZZLER: ‘Idol’ Reject Made R. Kelly-esque Sex Video


DJboyd.jpgIt’s one thing for an aspiring hip hop artist to emulate R. Kelly’s career, but DJ Boyd seems to have taken that admiration just a bit too far. You probably don’t even remember who DJ Boyd is, and you shouldn’t, so here’s a quick refresher – after making it to the “Top 70″ on the 5th season of American Idol, Boyd was dismissed and joined the ranks of rejects deemed unworthy of competing against the likes of Clay Aiken. But back home in Utah, Boyd held onto his dreams of musical stardom – he signed to “Big Fedi” records, released an album you’ve probably never heard, and constantly reminded people that he was once on TV for a few moments. Nothing too impressive, unless of course you’re two teenage girls who he has just filled with booze, in which case you might have found him attractive enough to have sex with, even allowing him to videotape the encounter. But when that Smirnoff Ice buzz finally wore off and you woke up hungover with the realization that you’d just slept with some J-list reality show failure, you might have regretted your decision so much that you called the police and reported to what this 27 year-old sleazebag did to you and your friend (who happens to be 15, a year older than yourself), resulting in his arrest and a possible judgement much harsher than even the nastiest thing Simon Cowell could have said to him. As the local court justices he’s now facing probably won’t be nearly as drunk as Paula Abdul, this wannabe Idol could be in some serious trouble.

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