The Great Urkel Hunt!


steve_urkel.jpgThose crazy drunken kids over at CollegeHumor are tired of everybody’s obsession with seeing the first pictures of so-called human baby Suri Cruise, so they’ve decided to reach into their deep pockets and offer $1000 of their beer money as a reward to the first person who sends them recent footage of a celebrity they (and we) would actually like to see – Steve Urkel himself, Mr. Jaleel White! But winning won’t be as easy as you think, because you can’t simply send in a video clip you pulled off a Vh1 “Where are they now?” show – Urkel has to be holding a dated newspaper to prove that the footage is actually recent. So put on your sitcom-star-stalking shoes, cruise the Hollywood unemployment lines, hunt down Urkel and get yourselves paid!

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