SIZZLER: What the Hell’s Going On Here?


lanceboysespys.jpgIf you read even a tenth as much tabloid trash as I do, you’ve undoubtedly noticed all the recent pictures of biker Lance Armstrong and his newfound Hollywood friends Matthew McConaughey and Jake Gyllenhaal. I’ve thus far managed to resist the urge to make any lame Brokeback Mountain references or other easy jokes implying that these workout buddies have some sort of sordid relationship beyond their shared love of exercise. I mean, if three studly guys can’t enjoy sweaty, spandex-clad workouts together without fear of being labeled homosexual, then what does that say about the future of physical fitness in this country? That being said, I simply cannot continue to ignore the questions raised by the sheer amount of time these three have been spending together recently. First it was just bike rides and fitness instruction, but now the trio seems to be practically inseperable, constantly photographed together at nightclubs, awards ceremonies and other venues that have very little to do with working out. Examine the photographic evidence after the jump and form your own conclusions, but I, for one, would certainly like to know just what the hell is going on here. And how far will it go? Should we expect to see shots of these guys in their underwear, having pillowfights and other late night sleepover hijinx?








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