While You Were Hating The Heat Wave


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  • Avril Lavigne and the lead singer of Sum 41 tied the knot over the weekend. Their wedding song was presumably horrible.
  • Jessica Simpson’s dad denies spying on his daughter’s ex-husband Nick Lachey. But spying on his daughters? Guilty as charged!
  • Naomi Campbell trashed her boyfriend’s yacht after an argument, causing nearly $50,000 worth of damage. You see, that’s exactly why I don’t let Naomi Campbell hang out on my yacht.
  • Previously sealed court documents reveal that Michael Jackson’s nickname for Macaulay Culkin was “doo doo head”, and Macaulay would call Michael “apple head.” But don’t worry, I’m sure they had great makeup sex.
  • Members of a US Marine crew are being questioned after allegedly crashing their helicopter while trying to catch a glimpse of Kate Hudson in a bikini. Not surprising at all. You should have seen the destruction they caused during the opening weekend of How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.
  • Nelly Furtado is now openly bisexual. And on that note, I am now openly a Nelly Furtado fan.
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