…Of The Day


  • THE NEW BIGFOOT: Look! It’s Suri! It’s Suri! I think it’s Suri… wait, it’s Suri! (Hot Momma Drama)
  • MOVIE: The short version of The Big Lebowski. Somehow it’s even more NSFW than the long version. (Gorillamask)
  • TOO HOT TO BE EMO: Joanna covers Dashboard Confessional. Oh come on, look at her. What could she possibly be whining about? (Celebutaint)
  • MAGIC HANDS: Bush groped German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the G-8 Summit. What’s up with this summit??? It’s like beach week over there. (Huff Po)
  • CHARITY: Denise Richards is baring it all for charity. More hot, desperate female celebrities should be this charitable. (A Socialite’s Life)
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