B is for Barf


patbetsy.jpgIt’s been awhile now since you first heard drunken Pat O’Brien’s filthy voicemail messages in which he tries to convince a co-worker to participate in a disgusting threesome with himself and a woman identified only as “Betsy”. Well just when you thought those scars had finally healed, our friend The Thighmaster has confronted us with the identity of Pat’s mystery sex partner by pointing out the personal blog of Betsy herself. Click on over so that you may gaze upon picture after picture of a bathrobed Pat basking in post-coital afterglow with his peroxidic love kitten. Carefully pore over every word Betsy uses to describe her international adventures in erotica with the man who once told his colleague that he, “wanted to do coke and be inside of her”. Pat won’t mind – in fact, he even recorded a personal greeting just for you!

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