Deciphering the Douchebag Rosetta Stone


Sebelia1.bmpObsessed Project Runway folks, listen up. Those of you wondering what the cursive tattoo on contestant Jeffrey Sebelia‘s monster-neck says cab putt your D-Bag Decoder Rings down: People Mag cracked the case! The illegible scrawling says “Harrison Detroit”, the name of Jeffrey’s son, with “l’amor de la mia vita” underneath (translation: “is the love of my life”). While the sentiment may be nice, what’s gonna happen in a few years when little Harrison grows up to be the troubled son of a failed reality show designer, preferring life on the streets to that of the runway? We imagine Sebelia could always change “Harrison Detroit” to “Harrison Ford“, and just tell people that Hollywood Homicide is his favorite movie ever. (Update: Jeffrey’s son is adoooorable. If we weren’t completely sterile, we’d tattoo his name on our necks also.)

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