ICYMI: The Ballad of Crazy Colin Farrell Stalker


desserae_2.jpgNow that the dust has finally settled on the set of The Tonight Show after last week’s onstage confrontation of Colin Farrell by his assumed stalker, we’ve finally been able to get the other side of the story straight from the horse’s crazy person’s mouth. You should check out her entire rambling manifesto, but here’s a little sample of the fun:

“The camera that we strolled pass was still taping at the time because the red light was still on and it turned with us as we walked by obviously still recording colin and I interacting. The whole studio was quite and no one was alarmed, because Colin’s reaction was too inviting toward seeing me. Security never came over to us, and Mr. Leno never moved from his seat nor summons his security because Colin was talking to me comfortably with his whole arm draped around me extreamly close.

Now that her rhetorical genius has whet your appetite for lunacy, head over to her MySpace page and rock out to the single she recorded, which will obviously be the breakout hit of the summer – “Colin Farrell Is My Bitch”.

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