A Few Good MySpace Friends


iwantyourwaste.JPGIf you’re on MySpace, chances are you get a lot friend requests from people you don’t actually know. Crappy bands, wannabe Maxim models and Dane Cook are always trying to sucker you into supporting their pitiful careers by adding your profile to their pointless collection of so-called “fans”. Well the latest desperate friend-seeker trying to cash in on this trend is none other than the US Marine Corp! Apparently frustrated with the waning success of traditional recruiting methods such as hanging around outside of high schools in poorer areas and showing those ridiculous TV commercials that make the military look like an episode of Alias, the Marines have taken their efforts online. If you approve them, maybe you’ll get verbally abusive comments from Full Metal Jacket-esque drill sergeants, fun bulletin surveys that look suspiciously like psychological examinations, and constant event invitations to this “awesome beach party” they’re throwing over in sunny Iraq. Hey, military recruiters – thanks for the add (and trip to Baghdad)!

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