ICYMI: It’s Hard Out Here For a DJ Qualls


DJQualls.JPGDJ Qualls, Hollywood’s go-to actor for all its “awkward dork” casting needs, showed paparazzi outside of an LA nightclub just what kind of stone pimp he actually is. In the course of the two minute clip, Qualls lights a cigarette, struts with a young starlet on each arm, kisses one of them, then finally hits a paparazzi homerun by giving the obligatory comment on his thoughts about Lindsay Lohan, to whom he has no discernible relation. While his description of her as “not a nice girl” is a far cry from the oratory eloquence of Brandon Davis’ “firecrotch”, it’s hard not to find DJ’s earnest “Haha, me too, right guys? Lohan sucks, check out my ladies, call me sometime Paris!” eagerness to be part of Hollywood’s clique of popular party kids at least mildly charming.

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