Suspicious “Panel of Experts” Compiles 50 Greatest Films


Hero (Dustin Hoffman).jpgThere’s always an air of fakery around an article that refers to a mysterious “panel of experts”, but there it is. Said “panel” compiled a list of “50 Films to See Before You Die” for the British digital channel Film 4. The list is after the jump, but there are some very immediate problems with it. For example: #27 is the movie Hero, yet they do not specify whether it is the Tom Cruise Pretends He’s Asian Hero or the Dustin Hoffman Makes A Bad Career Choice Hero. Here’s hoping it’s the latter. Also, Royal Tenenbaums over Rushmore? Unlikely. And hey – not a single John Landis movie on the list?! Come on… Coming to America is one of the finest movies of our time. Also missing: Total Recall, Dumb and Dumber, and possibly the best movie ever, Speed.

Click to read the full list — what other movies did they leave out?

1. Apocalypse Now
2. The Apartment
3. City of God
4. Chinatown
5. Sexy Beast
6. 2001: A Space Odyssey
7. North by Northwest
8. A Bout de Souffle
9. Donnie Darko
10. Manhattan
11. Alien
12. Lost in Translation
13. The Shawshank Redemption
14. Lagaan: Once Upon A Time in India
15. Pulp Fiction
16. Touch of Evil
17. Walkabout
18. Black Narcissus
19. Boyzn the Hood
20. The Player
21. Come and See
22. Heavenly Creatures
23. A Night at the Opera
24. Erin Brockovich
25. Trainspotting
26. The Breakfast Club
27. Hero
28. Fanny and Alexander
29. Pink Flamingos
30. All About Eve
31. Scarface
32. Terminator 2
33. Three Colours: Blue
34. The Royal Tenenbaums
35. The Ladykillers
36. Fight Club
37. The Searchers
38. Mulholland Drive
39. The Ipcress File
40. The King of Comedy
41. Manhunter
42. Dawn of the Dead
43. Princess Mononoke
44. Raising Arizona
45. Cabaret
46. This Sporting Life
47. Brazil
48. Aguirre: The Wrath of God
49. Secrets and Lies
50. Badlands

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