PROPPED: Project Runway Drinking Game!


ProjRunway.JPGWhat are you doing tonight at 10 pm? If you had any sense, you’d be curled up on your couch with a diamond studded pashmina at your feet, watching the third installment of Project Runway. Props to reader stilettoxmafia who dropped a thorough and fun Project Runway Drinking Game! We’ve tacked on some extra things to watch/sip out for tonight.

  • One for Time Gunn saying either “make it work” or “carry on.”
  • One for a product placement references. Example, “Send your models to the Tresemee hair salor and use the Macy’s accessory wall.”
  • One for everytime someone says “bitch.”
  • Two for eveytime a designer is cursing at a sewing machine.
  • One for everytime a designer leaves for a smoke break.

And some additional ideas…

  • One for everytime a hem is too short.
  • One for everytime the models react to their outfit with a pained, starved look.
  • Two for everytime Vincent says something worthy of a padded cell.
  • Finish your drink if a certain someone is caught cheating and thrown off the show.
  • Sigh loudly everytime Tim Gunn does something adorable. (Not technically drinking, but oxygen releases endorphins in the brain, right?)

As always kids — Drink responsibly!

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