SIZZLER: The Lohan Guide to Celeb Medical Terms


lohangover.jpgWhile filming her latest movie in LA, Lindsay Lohan had to be rushed to a local hospital where she was reportedly treated for “overheating and dehydration”. Though her condition could not have been too serious as she was spotted out that very same night in Hollywood, somehow rehabilitated and ready to paint the town all over again. As this is not Lindsay’s first fatigue-related hospital visit, we thought we’d use our medical expertise provide you with this brief guide to better understanding the real meaning behind all these confusing Lohan health care terms:

“Dehydration” – too much booze.
“Exhaustion” – too much blow.
“Overheating” – too much booze and blow on the beach.

We hope these practical explanations will ease any concerns you might have about the well-being of your favorite party-loving starlet. Rest assured, this is just another one of her patented “Lohangovers” – nothing a little water, some aspirin and six or seven Red Bull & vodkas can’t take care of.

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