Sex Advice From 90’s Icons


screech.jpgI learned everything I know about sex in the 90’s. I bet I’m not alone. Thanks to television shows like the aptly named Sex In The 90’s and movies like Blown Away, I left the decade well informed and very prepared. But as nice as it was picking up tips from The Dog Brothers and The Coreys, I never actually received any sex advice from 90’s icons. Until today.

Alexis Tirado and the folks over at lined up some well-known 90’s icons to help out the youth of today. The list includes Dustin “Screech” Diamond, Susan Powter, Jake “Squirt TV” Fogelnest, Dan Renzi from Real World: Miami, and the infamous Wiley Wiggins, best known as Mitch from Dazed & Confused. You’d think Screech would the be highlight of this thing, but no. Mr. Wiggins steals the show.

Did President Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky make oral sex more acceptable?
You’re asking me was oral sex less acceptable in the ’80s than it was in the ’90s? I have no idea. I could never get anybody to go down on me when I was ten. All the girls in my elementary school were prudes.

Mine too, Mitch. Mine too. Read the whole thing here.

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