Now YOU Can Own Gary Busey’s Poop!



Do you ever find yourself reading this blog and thinking, “Gee, I just love these celebrities so much. I wish I could have a piece of them all of my own”? Well, now you can – literally! Our friends over at Cityrag have found the solution to all of your gift-buying problems – a website that sells specimens of celebrity skin and bodily wastes! If you think Sarah Jessica Parker has beautiful skin, just $15.75 will buy you a sample of some of her skin cells! Ever wanted to own a crap taken by Jack Black, Crispin Glover or Burt Reynolds? Now you can! We know that all the possibilities are pretty exciting, so be sure to peruse the FAQs that address concerns such as how these samples are procured, how to guarantee the authenticity of your famous fecal matter, and whether or not the website would be interest in purchasing Courtney Love’s “vaginal fluid”, should you be lucky enough to obtain one. Who needs autographs when you can have poop?

Update: It’s a Hoax! Dammit!

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