Thom Yorke, The Thinking Man’s Britney


RADIOHEAD.JPGIs Thom Yorke, the fair-voiced lead singer of Radiohead, taking tips on how to emote from Britney Spears? Yorke, whose solo album The Eraser debuted earlier this month, has written a poem composed of lines and snippets pulled from various bad reviews of the CD. The poem is strangely reminiscent of one of the tiger-obsessed ballads penned by Britney Spears on her personal website. And now that we take a closer look, Yorke’s lines look like they were written for K-Fed himself! Check it out:

lacks motivation. full of own self importance.
always shooting his mouth off.
tends to stray from the path…

never was.
never will be again.
the only way is down.
so now ambels around aimlessly.

If you’re one of T-Yo’s robot pals, bring him a cup of hot chocolate, mechanically stroke his back, and keep repeating all that jazz about him being a legend and stuff.

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