POLL: Battle of the Boozehounds



After an otherwise slow week in celebrity scandal, Friday afternoon’s one-two punch combo of Lindsay Lohan’s “intervention” letter from a studio exec and Mel Gibson’s arrest for driving after drinking too much water-turned-wine confronted us with two seperate alcohol-related Hollywood bombshells only moments before we were to embark upon a weekend of our own booze-fueled debauchery. Left scrambling to ensure you were informed of these developments before we were too wasted to write, we had little time to fully ponder all the implications of these incidents, including how they relate to one another. Mel and Lindsay couldn’t seem more different, but when it comes to boozehounds hitting rock bottom, everyone is equal, leaving us with one very important question: which of these two lushes could out-drink the other? Mel’s got experience, physical size and faith in the power of Jesus on his side. But Lohan has youth, a naive sense of invulnerability and faith in the power of cocaine on hers. It’d be cool if we could film and televise a reality competition in which your favorite famous alcoholics square off and binge-drink themselves into oblivion, but for now we’ll just have to settle for a poll. So tell us who you think could put away the most hooch before passing out, puking or punching a TMZ photographer: Braveheart or Blohan?

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