PROPPED: Don’t Mess With Exes


Thanks to reader urbanoms for dropping this hilariously disturbing video (language slightly NSFW) about the practical dangers of mistreating your lady. After watching the jilted girlfriend’s rampage on her ex-lover’s belongings and feeling thankful for the well-being of your own laptop, it might be a good time to pick up the phone and tell your sweetheart just how much you love her. It would also be a good idea to drop us some more of these sweet links lest we start feeling like you don’t love us anymore, either. We know where you live.
UPDATE: The video is apparently a part of some elaborite viral marketing campaign, into whose hand we so easily played. It’s still amusing I guess, but whatever happened to the good old days when ads were all just clever slogans and celebrities pimping crappy products? How did we ever go from ‘Mikey Likes It’ to smashing a perfectly good laptop in the middle of a crowded street? And if we can’t trust the authenticity of things we find on the Internet, just what can we trust?

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