SIZZLER: It’ll Holo-Caust Him His Career


mel-gibson.jpgOK, so you’ve all heard about Mel Gibson‘s unsurprising anti-Semitic breakdown a few days ago, where he goes right ahead and blames the Jews for every war that’s ever happened, ever. Today, the Los Angeles Times wonders aloud what kind of impact this will have on… wait for it… the HOLOCAUST MINISERIES Gibson was producing with ABC! The series, based on the book Flory: Survival in the Valley of Death, is the true story of a young Dutch Jewish boy and his experiences in WWII. The word “true” is worth noting, as it is no secret that Mel’s father, Hutton Gibson, is a well-known Holocaust denier who freely associates with a bevy of Jew-haters, including movie star Mel Gibson. Can you imagine the Miniseries? How would it play out?

What tickles us most is the irony. If anyone resembles a scapegoat, it’s Gibson.

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