Project Runway: Final Four Cracked?


Gunn.JPGOK — Don’t get nervous. We won’t be spoiling anything for you until after the jump. Before we try to crack the case, let’s talk shopping. Moichandising, moichandising! For those of you who don’t suffer from a debilitating addiction to online shopping, might I clue you in to the Project Runway store, which sells items such as the uncannily dissimilar Tim Gunn bobblehead doll, not to mention an adorably emasculating doggy raincoats. The site also auctions off the actual clothes that came down the runway in each episode, allowing you to own a piece of basic cable reality show history! (Note to the ladies: The outfits are “tailored to fit the model, sized 0 to 2 and anywhere from 5’10” to 6’2″”, so get those trigger fingers oiled and ready.)

But more importantly, the site sells t-shirts which were designed by the contestants. Blogger Bex Schwartz discovered something veeeery interesting on the site, and believes she’s cracked the case and figured out the final four. Possible spoilers after the jump — you’ve been warned!

Here is what Bex discovered: All of the designers are selling t-shirts… all but four of them! The four that are missing? Robert, Uli, Michael and Vincent. Yes, Alien-Hatted-Possibly-Rabid Vincent. Supporting her theory? Vincent’s model, Jia Santos, was hit by a bus while hurrying to a PR fitting for the final runway show. While Vincent may be the Wendy Pepper of 2006, Robert, Uli and Michael would be fine contenders for the top slot.

Gibson-esque conspiracy theories aside, we love Jeffrey’s t-shirt design:

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