ICYMI: Bush Finally Tackles Tough Questions


bush_laughing.jpgAsk him about prison torture, the gas crisis, escalating violence in the Middle East or long division, and George W. Bush will mumble some mispronounced catchphrases and give you a blank stare that is part confusion, part resentment and a lot of sheer terror. But if you ask him what he thinks about Braveheart getting busted for boozin’ on the road, suddenly the guy is cracking one-liners like he’s Conan O’Brien. Of course he still manages to dodge the question of Mel’s guilt or innocence, but that’s just what he does – and something tells me he’s seen The Passion of the Christ more than once. Also, have you noticed how all Bush’s attempts at levity with the press end up being more awkward than having Mel Gibson over for Passover?

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