Iron Your Pasties and Wax Your Bits, Ladies!


PUSSYCAT.JPGOMGGG! The Pussycat Dolls are hiring a new member! Aieee!!! And the best part? The hiring process isn’t going to be behind closed doors, but aired on the hot new network The CW as part of a new reality series (wait for it) The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll. So if your Dad is always telling you you’ve got the rack to make it big, or your friends can’t get enough of your slow-motion writhing, or if you can’t read or write, or if your boss is constantly congratulating you about how good you are at oral, or if you have the ability to write songs that have no melodic quality whatsoever but are as catchy as mouth herpes, or if you can’t sing, or if you just bought some dental floss but haven’t had the occassion to wear it, then this is definitely the job for you! Good Fu– Luck! Good Luck!!

(This post brought to you by a jealous bad dancer who was paid $.25 by her childhood bully to dance the Roger Rabbit at the bus stop, purely for comedic effect.)

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