Project Runway: Less Than 5 Hours Til the Scandal!


skirt.JPGPeople, look at your clocks. There are less than five hours until Project Runway throws their first contestant off, ever! And you know what that means? Six hours of wild, baseless speculation until we know what happens for sure! Of course, most people are praying that Jude Kinnear gets thrown off, and his odds and nosejob are looking good. But this is it — one last guess — and we want to make it as random as poss. Hence the theory mentioned in today’s Entertainment Weekly blog, Popwatch. They believe that the CTOBASBKTG (Contestant Throw Off By A Stern But Kind Tim Gunn) is Angela. For God’s sake, the girl can’t draw OR sew — and it’s a reality show ABOUT SEWING. They feel that Angela grabbed the mini-bubble skirt from her own closet (since she literally wears one each and every week) and used it in the runway competition. While this is certainly the most far-fetched theory, and while we don’t believe it for a second, it gives us a certain joy to picture Angela’s stupid, boring face off the Runway for good. And we can only really do that for about 5 more hours, so let us have it.

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