“The Holy Graily Show” with Jon Stewart


john stewart as jesus1.jpgTo many people, Jon Stewart is a lot of things: Brilliant, Hilarious, Adorable, Causer of All Wars. (See this clip for further proof.) But to a small group of New Yorkers, Jon Stewart is the ultimate thing: God. The Idol Chatter blog spotted a group of enthusiasts sporting long white robes and signs informing us heathens that “Jon Stewart Is God.” The zealots (who call themselves the “Jonsons”) are backed up by a water-tight argument: Jon Stewart “is not a man because no man can be consistently that funny. He is not an animal because he is way too articulate. He is not a plant because… well… he moves too fast.”

We sincerely hope that these people are not joking — the more we think about this religion, the more we begin to believe. And look at their conviction! They even rounded up a sub-par college a capella group (aren’t they all?) to record the soon-to-be hit song, with the surprisingly titled “Jon Stewart is God.” T minus 3 hours til “WWJSD?” shirts hit the market — and no, these do not count.

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