While You Were “Mel”-ting In This Heat



  • After wrapping his music video shoot in a Las Vegas nightclub, K-Fed hung around to party with the public, as well as A-listers like Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ron Jeremy. That’s how this picture came to exist and why I think simply looking at it might have given my eyes herpes.
  • Look, if P. Diddy invites you to one of his all-white parties in the French Riviera, you wear white, you wait patiently for him to wake up, and you keep your f*cking mouth shut. But don’t be afraid to enjoy the baby seal cakes and crude oil shots to help pass the time.
  • What would Mel Mania Week be without the inevitable T-shirts commemorating the horror? Never forget.
  • Lindsay Lohan has been summoned to testify in court for the fraud lawsuit her mother Dina is now facing. Sometimes it seems like that family is into more illegal sh*t than The Sopranos.
  • In a recent interview, Sheryl Crow expressed her frustrations with singlehood by saying that she thinks “dating is terrifying”. Meanwhile, Crow’s ex Lance Armstrong proclaimed that “dating is fabulous”, then gave buddy Matthew McConaughey a playful little pat on the butt.
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