SIZZLER: Rob Schneider Finally Takes a Stand


rschneid_l1.jpgDuring all this crazy, coo-coo Mel Gibson business, America has unanimously been wondering: “What does thespian and half-Jew Rob Schneider think of all this?” Thank God, today, the man finally speaks his mind. In a thoughtfully worded letter printed in today’s Variety, Schneider vows to never, NEVER, work with Mel Gibson again. The letter (which you can read here) reads like comedy butter, and while we fully support Schneider’s (and, apparently, Bernie Brillstein‘s) firm stance on the matter, we’re more than a little disappointed that we’ll never be able to look forward to Gibson’s smarmy-ass face in the three-quel, Deuce Bigalow: Banging Every Broad In Malibu As Long As She’s Not A Dirty Jew Gigolo.

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