The Tiniest Drug Sniffing Dog in America


chihuahua.JPGOK, the whole cuteness thing has been played out, sure. But don’t file this item under “cute” — file it under “kick ass.” A police department in Chardon, Ohio has trained a 6-pound chihuahua to sniff out adorable, cuddly drugs! The tiny pup, Midge, is such a local celebrity, he was even the Grand Marshall of a local parade! (Pause for hysterical crying.) First of all, God bless the person who took the time to make a 4-inch long kevlar vest for this lil lady. Logic tells us that a chihuahua would make a great drug sniffing dog. What other animal could burrow itself so thoroughly in one’s luggage — only to discover one single, tiny tiny ecstasy pill placed in a golden locket. How do they carry Midge around? Do they strap her to the back of a huge German shephard like the Space Shuttle, deploying her when a sketchy looking nook or cranny is in the area? Here is what we do know: We would spoon the hellll out of this little munchkin, assuming we remembered to leave our black-tar heroin in the car.

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