Best Party Ever!


christina.JPGWednesday night the whole gang here at Best Week Ever celebrated our show’s 100th episode (airs tonight at 11pm) alongside celebrities, wannabe celebrities, wannabe wannabe celebrities and a whole bunch of other awesome people at Marquee Night Club here in Manhattan (we heard Lohan goes there sometimes). If you’re jealous that you too didn’t get to spend a free booze-filled evening watching Christina Applegate and Chloe Sevigny get themselves photographed while trying to avoid all the junior publicist-types who like to drunkenly inform them of “how awesome” they are, you’ll be so very delighted that photographers were on the scene to capture the magical irony of celebrating our 100th episode with the same kinds of people we spent the first 99 making fun of. Some of our favorite pics, along with captions fondly remembering the fun, are available for your viewing pleasure after the jump. More thumbnails can be seen here and here, or check out some video at TMZ.


Chloe Sevigny: “So what exactly am I supposed to be doing here?”
Christina Applegate: “I have no idea. Just try smile and cross your fingers this makes it into UsWeekly.”
Chloe Sevigny: “Whatever, I’m totally like way too indie to care about that. I only read Vice. Hold on camera dude, let’s take one more where I’m pouting!”


Say what you will, but I think it’s kind of cool that Entourage‘s Emmanuelle Chriqui showed up to a party sponsored by Old Navy actually wearing their clothes. It’s courageously care-free, sort of like being the first one into the water when you go skinny dipping. I wish that wasn’t metaphorical.


Even though he wasn’t the second person voted off the cast of some reality show that was cancelled four years ago, BWE panelist Christian Finnegan ended up being a big hit by telling some hilarious jokes that would have offended most of the partygoers had they been capable of understanding them. And Sherrod Small knows he’s always on our A-list, no matter what reason Christina Applegate gave for not wanting to sleep with them.


I have no idea who this guy is or why anyone would want to take his picture, but he’s one of many party guests who walked around all night with this smug expression that screamed, “Just because you don’t recognize me doesn’t mean I’m not a celebrity, too! I mean, don’t I LOOK like I could be famous?” Futher examples of this can be found here here here and here.


Thank god for Lydia & Gillian Hearst, because if there’s one thing the world really needs more of, it’s heiress sister socialites. Especially ones who are great-great-grandniece-in-laws of some old rich dude whose obscene egomania was so tragic it ending up becoming the basis of the greatest film in history. And it’s always nice to see kids trying to live up to their family’s legacy.

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