DAILY HASSLE: America’s Got Nothing on The Hoff


Frankly I’m surprised that The Hoff has been able to make it through this many episodes of America’s Got Talent sitting idly at his judging table, having his abundant talents woefully ignored as a parade of non-Hoff amateurs pollute his stage with their pathetic excuses for an act. Last night it finally became too much for His Royal Hoffness, and like the calvary arriving at the last minute to save the day, The Hoff rode his trusty steed KITT onto the stage to show America what “talent” actually means. At the conclusion of his song, the show’s producers were so moved by the sheer power of The Hoff’s performance, they declared the contest to be over on the grounds that The Hoff has more talent in a single molecule than American has in its entire history as a country.

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