Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock: A Love Story


Website Gayz of Our Lives (no relation to websites “All My Gay Children” or “Gayneral Gayspital”) has received exclusive pictures from Pam Anderson and Kid Rock‘s nuptuals in St. Tropez. Unsurprisingly, Pam makes the ideal blushing bride, and Kid Rock absolutely reeks of… charm. Yeah, that’s it. Charm. We think the pictures tell a beautiful story, and have put them together to form a beautiful narration of the wedding events. Peruse the photos for yourself, sip some Hypnotiq out of a empty breast implant, and take a free trip to Romance Island, courtesy of Best Week Ever.

“You guys… I lost my contact lens. I can’t seeee anything, oh no, where am I? Kid? Kid, where are you?”

“Whaaa? Hahaaa. Wai, for real, you guys, wha?”

“I can’t see anything! Kid?! I lost my contact lens! KID, ARE YOU THERE? Kid?!”

“Wait, seriously, where’s Kid? I need someone to hold my hair back. Oh my god, fingers!! Yayyyy, fingersssss!”

“Oh, thank God, there’s my contact. Hey look! A penis!”

“Hold on… HOLD ON! I wanna, I wanna make my hair pretty… hold on you guys…

(14 minutes later) “OK, there.”

“This is seriously my best wedding ev…. blarhghhghaargh (painful vomiting noises) blaaaargghghhrghhgh (ad nauseum) (wiping of the mouth) Hey look! A penis!”

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