Shuffling Towards the Weekend!


In honor of this week being the 100th episode of Best Week Ever, we got up the courage to ask Fred Graver, our show’s creator and Executive Producer, to shuffle his own iPod and share the first five resulting songs so you might get some idea of what kind of music a pop culture legend of his stature enjoys listening to, and he even took the time to say a few words about the songs! We just so happen to think the five songs he came up with are the five greatest pieces of music ever recorded, but we also happen to enjoy getting paychecks. Decide for yourselves, then list the results of your own shuffle in the comments section!shuffle.jpg

“C’mon C’mon”, Von Bondies – My wife has this as the ringtone on her cell phone. She says “Some girls are Bond girls, I’m a VonBondies girl.”

“Madama Butterfly”, Giacomo Puccini – I went through a big “I have to learn what Opera’s all about” phase about three years ago… I found out I really love opera. And yes, that’s MARIA F*CKING CALLAS singing…

“Like A Hurricane”, Neil Young – Hey, iPod… you’re on a roll! You ever get a shuffle that seems to be in a really interesting groove, and you think “don’t hit fast forward, because you’ll lose the mojo?” I’m in one of those right now.

“Things”, Paul Westerberg – I love the poppiness of this, and then the underlying cynicism. It’s a song to a girl telling her that there’s things the guy won’t ever tell her… ever.

“Blues For Allah”, Grateful Dead – I swear, I didn’t make this up… and now I’m a little embarassed… my #5 is almost 21 minutes long!!! And yes, I spent a huge chunk of my college years as a deadhead… (ED NOTE: We had no idea there was a hippie in our midst, though it does explain all those wacky colors in the show.)

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