Dancing with the “Stars”, Sarcasm Quotes Not Included


lopez.jpgThere’s no question about it: ABC’s Dancing with the Stars is a television sensation. I know this because I would receive weekly recaps from my mother about how charming “that guy from Seinfeld” is, surely a sign that it had broken through to the mainstream. TMZ.com has gotten their hands on the celebrity roster for next season, and let’s just say the circa-1992 eighth grader in us is preeeettttty psyched. Because, ladies and gentlemen, both Blossom‘s Joey “Whoa” Lawrence and Saved By The Bell‘s Mario “Check out my Skidz” Lopez are slated to appear on the show! And don’t you dare fret, Women of a Certain Age, because L.A. Law‘s own Harry Hamlin will also be on hand to stir all of your post-menopausal juices. So set yout Tivo’s to “Heart Throb”, and tune in for the new season on September 12th.

P.S.: If these moves tell you anything, Slater has got this one all bagged up.

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