PISSLER: Pink & Yellow


pink peeing.jpgCelebrities are just like us! Specifically, they’re just like us after a dozen beers tailgating at a Dave Matthews concert when the line to the Port-A-Potty is stretching around the parking lot and we don’t think we can hold it that long.

The eternally classy Pink took a break from criticizing her contemporaries like Britney Spears & Paris Hilton to enjoy some quailty me pee time over the weekend. Naturally, the paparazzi was there to snap a few pics and leak them on the web. Yep. I said leak.

You can head over to BlogNYC to see the candid photos right now, or you can wait a couple of hours until they’re posted on every fetish site on the net. It’s totally up to you.

Pink… *sigh*…Stupid girl. Stupid, stupid girl.

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