American Idol Song-o-Tron 2000


hicks.jpgAmerican Idol auditions are right around the corny, and this season is (cue publicist’s dummy) sure to be the best one yet. For the first time ever, producers of the show are giving the American songwriting public a chance to pen the big closing number sung on the show’s final episode. Because we care, we’ve put together a Mad Libs style song entry, so each and every one of you can enter. Get out a pen and paper, write down a word for each number. Then, after the jump, plug it into your new hit song, and mail it off to the show. We’ll let you know which one of you wins in about 7 months time.

1. Object; 2. Location; 3. Body Part; 4. Verb; 5. Adjective; 6. Noun; 7. Verb; 8. Noun; 9. Verb; 10. Noun; 11. Name; 12. Exclamation; 13. Noun; 14. Exclamation; 15. Noun

Baby, you are my ____1____.
Yeah, you know it’s true.
Ever since we met at ____2____
I’ve wanted you to be my boo.

Everytime I hold your ____3____,
Everytime we ____4____,
Everytime I see your ____5____ ____6____,
I know it’s meant to be.

So ____7____ my ____8____
And ____9____ my ____10____
And let us make sweet love all night, ____11____.
I wanna love you, ____11____
Love you so hard, ____11____
Yeah, yeah, ____12____ ____13____
____14____, Yeah, ____15____, yeahhhh.

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