OVER/UNDER: One Ocean View


one oceanv.jpg“Basically I wake up in the morning and every day is the best day of my life. Because I know that I’ve gotten better looking from the night before.”- Usman, One Ocean View

ABC’s Fire Island reality show One Ocean View is two episodes old now, but judging by the bland characters (everyone other than Usman, naturally), contrived drama, and overall borrrrrrrrrrringness of the show, I can’t imagine it lasting that much longer. Now, I haven’t checked the ratings– for all I know it’s the Two & A Half Men of reality shows– but I’d be shocked… SHOCKED… if One Ocean View makes it past episode number 4. I mean, have you seen it? It’s a poor man’s The Hills, full of rock music so generic it makes the Hilary Duff intro on Laguna Beach sound like the White Stripes. You know it’s bad when your friends describe a montage song as a “lame Jet rip-off.” Um, isn’t that a bit redunant?

So the OVER/UNDER is 4 episodes. Will One Ocean View surpass the 4 episode mark? Will it fall short and crap out at three? Or will it survive two more weeks only to get the plug pulled immediately following the airing of the fourth? What do you think? Vote now!

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