SIZZLER: Robin Williams Finally Relaxing in Rehab


robin_williams.jpgTruly shocking news: Robin Williams is in rehab… for drinking, and not cocaine abuse. Williams, the laid-back, relaxed comic who made his name as an actor in such classics as Mork and Mindy and Mrs. Doubtfire (No sarcasm intended on the “classics” part), was missing from the premiere of his latest film, The Night Listener. Instead, he was in Oregon, kicking back at the Hazleden Springbrook Rehab Clinic. Williams walks around in a constant state of panic attack, and while his exhuberance brings to mind the Ghost Train from Ghostbusters 2, his publicist insists he went to get treatment for excessive drinking… Cocaine-Infused Red Bull, surely.

First Mel Gibson, then Robin Williams… both actors who portrayed teachers… who’s next? Jon Lovitz? Michelle Pfeiffer? This is a sad game, let’s not even play it.

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