Team Aniston Kicking Team Brangelina’s Ass


STARCOVER2.JPGThis morning, we were blessed with the news that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn were a-finally engaged. Team Aniston rejoices. They just want to see Jen happy.

Then Star Magazine comes out. Announcing on its cover (in a harsh looking Arial Bold) that Angelina Jolie has moved out of the house with the kids! And that Brad Pitt is “freaking” out! This is like Team Aniston winning the World Series. This is huge.

Although considering that Star also “reveals” that Matthew McConaughey is Jen’s new boyfriend — and now knowing that isn’t true — well, don’t believe everything you read in $1.99 tabloids. Still, we hate to think about those three gorgeous Pitt children grow up without Brad. We’re dying to see what kind of Daddy issues Shiloh ends up with.

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