UPGRADE/DOWNGRADE: The Summer of Love Dunzo


jenna dave.jpgThe summer of love, this is not.

Maybe it’s the heat wave, maybe it’s the war in the Middle East, or maybe it’s because there’s nothing good on TV, but this summer we’ve been witness to a record number of celebrity break-ups. It’s only August and already we’ve had two MTV reality show couples file for divorce, two more have parted ways, and to top it all off Jude & Sienna are breaking up… again! Throw in big names like Christie Brinkley, Jenna Jameson and Paul McCartney and it’s plain to see that this really is the Summer of Dunzo.

Sometimes when a celebrity couple splits up you’re secretly happy– you never liked them anyway: UPGRADE! But other times you wish they would’ve worked things out and stayed together for the kids you: DOWNGRADE! Who deserves an upgrades and who deserves a downgrade? Vote now!

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