Sean Preston: Worst Dressed Man!


Seanpres.JPGEsquire Magazine threw caution to the wind, and voted Britney Spears and K-Fed‘s spawn Sean Preston as America’s Worst Dressed Man. Preston, who is seen around town in decidedly unfashionable onesies, “Everyone know that flaps on the ass went out like 3 years ago,” said one fashion-forward source, who chose to remain nameless. “And have you seen his VDL (Visible Diaper Line)? Not sexy at all!” Of course, Sean Preston was quick to respond: “(Silence)… (Diaper rustling)… (Gurgling)… (Slow, wet farting)… (Giggle).” We appreciate him for his class.

All winky-winky aside, there are some days where we sit here, reading certain ridiculous news tid-bits… the anger, boiling up inside, finally shooting out of our eyesockets and igniting our college diplomas ablaze. We choose not to care, mainly because at this point we’ve completely forgotten how to feel. This is one of those items.

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