Celeb-Esteem Intervention, Part 2: Uma Needs Help


uma-thurman.jpgA few weeks ago, we reported that the stunning Uma Thurman was having trouble finding love. She also was feeling down about her exotic appearance, comparing her face to that of a fish’s. While we’re not known for our “soft sides” here, we like Uma, even after being subjected to possibly the worst CGI effects of all time in My Super Ex-Girlfriend (not inlucing Jumanji, of course, but camman — those filmmakers were pioneers!) We also wear the same shoe size, which officially makes us kindred celebrity spirits, not to mention unappealing to most people.

So it is with even greater sadness that we report that Uma does not look back on her acting career as a successful one. The actress is apparently still dealing with some post-traumatic stress disorder from her pre-Pulp Fiction days, and claims to just be happy to be working in Hollywood at all. She also says that she was depressed before shooting Kill Bill, due to a nasty chainsmoking habit. Each of these items individually may not seem like much, but taken together, they worry us. We’re officially on Uma Watch! Is the woman OK? We care.

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