Ocean’s Bar Mitzvah


george_clooney_1.jpgRemember many years ago, when Planet Hollywood was like a “hot destination” to grab a club sandwich and a diabetes cocktail? One of the highlights of the experience was the placemat, which featured yearbook photographs of your favorite celebs. You would see that certain heartthrobs were as poorly coiffed as you were at 16, and certain actresses you just knew were horrible people looked the part in their cheerleading skirts. It was a 1990’s version of “Stars, They’re Just Like Us”, and we felt better about ourselves.

Well, prepare to flashback to that fantastic feeling. People Magazine has a little featurette about stars before they were famous. Note how Nicole Kidman looks older at the age of 5 than she does now, and marvel at the expert face transplant given to Jennifer Aniston. Plus, there’s something about Brad Pitt makes us wanna “Jump Jump.”

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