Shuffling Towards the Weekend!


shuffle1.jpgOn this week’s edition of the iPod shuffle, we have music blogger Rachel Hurley, the proprietor of Scenestars. As always, we had her shuffle her iPod and give us the first five resulting songs so that we may judge her. So let’s just see what these super-cool music bloggers are listening to these days (something tells me it’s all going to be Arctic Monkeys and Arcade Fire). Be sure to do your own shuffle and leave your results in the comments!

1) “Speak To Me”, Jamie Randolph
2) “Stop”, Harlan T. Bobo
3) “Regime”, Snowglobe
4) “The Blower’s Daughter”, Damien Rice
5) “La Cienga Just Smiled”, Ryan Adams

Why am I not surprised that I’ve never even heard of half of these songs?

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