ICYMI: Tron, Peter Pan and Keeper of the Gems!


Let’s take a break from all the nipple slips and Lohan vag jokes for just a moment to take a somewhat humorous look at a very important issue (think of this as that part after the cartoon when Optimus Prime makes some Public Service Announcement). Net Neutrality sounds like a boring blog-nerd term, but it happens to be an incredibly important issue facing all of us today. Large corporate telecom firms are conspiring right now to pass laws that would make the Internet a place they can regulate and charge you for, taking away the free democratic spirit that makes it so powerful and amazing. To help create awareness about this issue, three AWESOME Internet celebrities have gotten together with WeAreTheWeb.org to make a hilarious video that will entertain and, just maybe, educate you. If you aren’t already familiar with Leslie Hall Keeper of Gems, Tron Guy and Peter Pan, don’t do yourselves the disservice of missing out on this video. After you watch and the laughter subsides, do whatever you can, no matter how small, to take action and defend our right a free Internet. Otherwise, you could soon be paying to read our lame jokes about K-Fed, and that would just be sad.

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