SIZZLER: K-Fed’s Only Job is to Procreate


Britney4.jpgOK, this tidbit strikes us as a little bit gross. According to their pre-nup, Kevin Federline will earn more money for every baby he has with wife Britney Spears. Well, no wonder this girl is popping out babies like a Pound Puppy… even K-Fed’s sperm knows there’s $$$ on the line! Anyone interested in starting a betting pool? How many kids can he squeeze out of her before she throws him out of the house? Our money is on 4.

But before putting your cash where your mouth is, take this little fact into consideration: Britney and Kevin will be renewing their wedding vows in October, following the birth of their new little one. Is it real love? Or just a ploy to have a litter of some really adorable children? Only time and 14 more babies will tell. Til then, Kevin Federline’s sperm best be in working order — that’s his bread and literal butter!

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